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How to Travel for Months Without Breaking the Bank

Financially, it is best to have a cushion of savings before jet setting to some far away place. You never know which tour or experience may peak your interest and it’s never a good feeling to have to turn down… Continue Reading →

Hot & Dusty in Cambodia

When you close your eyes, imagine what Cambodia is like. It is both what you imagined and not. Add in more paved roads. Subtract the genocide. The Cambodians rest during the middle of the day when it can get rather… Continue Reading →

Why Traveling is Better Than Vacationing

Vacation is synonymous with recreating. Travel is synonymous with journeying. A journey means movement, both around the globe and into the far reaches of your soul by reflecting on your personality, place in the world and perspective into what is… Continue Reading →

Learning to Like Vietnam

At first, I disliked Vietnam. It all started when I got overcharged for the bus by 50,000 dong ($2.20 USD) and followed by being overcharged for food. To eat, bargaining down the price is acceptable, but I get tired of… Continue Reading →

Jumping Higher

The traffic of Houghton, Michigan faded away as I puttered north feeling the curves of the road, pressing the gas pedal somewhat aggressively to make it before sunset. As I kept driving north, to Copper Harbor, in the Upper Peninsula… Continue Reading →

What the Trails Tell You

After a night of camping out in northern Wisconsin in chilly May where there was a freeze warning on the water pumps, I had just packed up my gear. Needless to say, I was the only one at the campsite… Continue Reading →

Vietnam: In Which I Ride in the Rain

From Laos, you could see where the country ended and Vietnam began. Enveloped in cloud cover, the mountain grew as I approached. Trucks coming down from the border had droplets of water splattered on their cabins. The soggy mountain made… Continue Reading →

Hi, my name is Beth and I am a solo bike tourist

Pulling off a steamy road in Laos into an itty-bitty circle of shade created by a sign, I realized I didn’t want anybody waiting for me, and I didn’t want to wait for anybody. Expectations are there even when they… Continue Reading →

Biking Laos

You know those places you never imagined going, destinations not even on your top 10? Yeah, Laos is one of those places. Biking through the country has entranced me. The second day of cycling brought us through a Hmong village… Continue Reading →

Goals for 2017

Happily, looking back upon 2016, I realized I achieved the majority of my goals, except for one of doing an endurance bike ride. Being in Montana during the summer with no organized ride options and a demanding seasonal job, I… Continue Reading →

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