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Bike Mechanic Basics to Keep You Rolling

I’ve never considered myself “mechanically inclined,” but when I began bike touring, I began learning how to fix my bike. Even a little bike knowledge can go a long way when you are far from home. Your bike doesn’t care… Continue Reading →

Using Nature & Travel to Find Yourself

You know, sometimes life brings you challenges. It spices life up and you have to take the challenges as so. When I’ve struggled of late, all I have to do it look up…at the sky. And as I stared up… Continue Reading →

Missing the Riverwest 24

When I set out to work in the bike travel industry, it was apparent that I was going to be absent from Milwaukee for the summer, allegedly the best time to be in the “city of festivals.” It also means… Continue Reading →

Biking Montana’s Flathead County

One thing I miss about home is easily biking around to run errands or meet up with friends as Milwaukee is a dense city. I am living pretty close to Whitefish (three miles), but the grocery stores are located on… Continue Reading →

Denver & Fort Collins Beer

In June, I visited Denver for a short four-day “layover” on my way to the west coast. I had a great time spending time with friends and drinking some local craft beers. Prost Brewing in Denver was a unique visit… Continue Reading →

Montana Beer

There is no shortage of craft beer to sample in Montana. Coming from Wisconsin, I wasn’t familiar with Montana craft outside of Big Sky’s Moose Drool and their fabulous Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout. I’ve tried over 20 brews so… Continue Reading →

Having a Happy Job

In a whirlwind of adventure, I flew to Salt Lake City to start a new job for an active travel company called Backroads in June. My life has become more awesome since getting on that plane. Since I started biking… Continue Reading →

How to Climb a Mountain (On Your Bike)

Having climbed my first large ascent (we don’t have mountains in Wisconsin), I feel mildly qualified to hand you some tips. You can use them to climb just about anything. Don’t Push Real Hard Spin your gears, but not so… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Visit Detroit

Despite people telling you not to make a stop in Detroit, the city actually has some cool things going for it. I spent a couple days hanging out and talked to locals about their take on Detroit. They are optimistic… Continue Reading →

Local Travel

Traveling doesn’t have to be an affair that includes long distances and airplanes. Electing to travel in your own state or region saves money and can be done without using a bunch of vacation time. The best part is you… Continue Reading →

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