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Flying to Friends

One of my goals for 2017 is to keep in touch more closely with friends, despite being away from Wisconsin, where many of them live, for much of the year. Additionally, a handful of my friends have moved away from… Continue Reading →

How to Pack Healthy Meals on a Road Trip

From Utah to Alaska, Utah to Montana and Utah to New York, I have spent a cumulative 15 days on the road this summer. Staying healthy while road tripping is not an easy feat. You are surrounded by the conveniences… Continue Reading →

Life Outside Amsterdam

Biking for one month in the Netherlands and staying with locals via WarmShowers (Couchsurfing for bike tourists) introduced me to a way of life I have come to admire. I was amazed by the short distances I could bike to… Continue Reading →

In Bruges

The main reason why I wanted to visit Bruges is that it is the setting, and filming location, of the film In Bruges featuring Colin Ferrell. It’s a dark comedy with the tagline: “Shoot first. Sightsee later.”      … Continue Reading →

Traveling to Find Yourself

Stories told to me by budget travelers in Southeast Asia started to unite around a theme: Find yourself by learning to live without. Lacking possessions and money and even being picky about which experiences these wanderlusters chose lead this group… Continue Reading →

Dreaming of Biking Alaska to Argentina

On a 9-day drive from Salt Lake City, Utah to Anchorage, Alaska, an audible, “Wow” slipped out of my mouth on several occasions. Because of lakes in shades from aqua to sapphire and peaks with blankets of soft snow folded… Continue Reading →

100 Items: How to Live Out of a Suitcase

Facebook has reminded me that I have been homeless for nearly one year. I haven’t paid rent, instead choosing to work for a travel company and traveling in my spare time. I have spent time in countless places including visiting… Continue Reading →

Bike By Numbers

Deep blue sky stretched out before me, water to the left, marsh to the right — wind at my back and setting sun seeking the horizon behind me. It was my first day cycling in the Netherlands. I was cruising… Continue Reading →

Win $800 Worth of Saris Bike Parking!

You bike up to your favorite Milwaukee business, swinging your leg over your bike frame to dismount, you realize there is not a place to park your bike. There’s a pole over there, but it’s too big for your U-lock…. Continue Reading →

25 Beers in 125 Miles in Belgium

Belgium’s Flanders countryside is easy cycling miles. It’s flat. There is green grass and tall bushes hedging lawns with cows, goats, sheep and, surprisingly, llamas grazing in the fields. Cycling is a national sport and the Spring Classics are covered… Continue Reading →

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