Thanks to Draft Magazine, I was sippin’ Pliny and eating friend things while watching the Women’s World Cup game while traveling around San Diego in June

When visiting a new city, you have to do your homework to figure out which breweries to visit. More and more craft beer bars and breweries are popping up every year. Being the new kid in town makes finding unique breweries difficult. Here are some resources I use to find beer from the source:

  • Word of Mouth. If I have a friend with boots on the ground, I will ask them which breweries they enjoy the most. The same goes for friends who have already visited the city.
  • Yelp. I’m a big Yelper. Some of the newest, most innovative breweries I have visited have been because I was perusing Yelp. I typically pick breweries with a four star rating or higher, unless they are a large-scale craft brewery.

My friend Jodi is a big fan of Pizza Port in San Diego and her recommendations are solid

  • Best Beer Bars in America. Draft Magazine takes a look at the best pubs, restaurants and bars every year. I like to check out the list prior to my departure. Beer bars allow you to try beer from many different breweries in one location.
  • Locals. Talking with the people next to you at the bar yields some great brewery suggestions. I’ve been to Mikkeller in Copenhagen because I was discussing craft beer with a bartender.

Planning can only do so much. Go out into the world. Drink some beers. Share the love and experiences with others.