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Packing List for One Month+ Bike Tour

When you are away from home and riding your bike for more than a couple of weeks, you find that packing is a balance between comfort and excessive weighing down your bike. Often, I am surprised how much you don’t… Continue Reading →

Cycling Holland

From the moment my plane lowered altitude, I could see the vast green landscape of Holland stretching before me: Water-filled countryside filled in with strips of land where people lived, man-made land along the coast dotted with windmills (the energy… Continue Reading →

Budgeting for Adventure

You can save money at home to make any dream vacation possible. Cutting costs on a daily basis paired with these budget travel tips allows you to travel more often, having funds for additional destinations. Start saving now. Not tomorrow,… Continue Reading →

This Journey is a Metaphor

My time spent in Vietnam was interspersed with moments of sadness, loneliness, frustration and anxiety punctured by extreme happiness exploring nature, dancing with backpackers, eating street food and finding courage to climb mountains and push my limits. I didn’t realize… Continue Reading →

Hello, From Your “Local” Saris Brand Advocate

Lately, I have been struggling with taking my message of bike travel to the next level and transitioning my readers in Milwaukee from inspiration to action. I am proud to announce I will be representing bike company Saris as a… Continue Reading →

How to Travel for Months Without Breaking the Bank

Financially, it is best to have a cushion of savings before jet setting to some far away place. You never know which tour or experience may peak your interest and it’s never a good feeling to have to turn down… Continue Reading →

Hot & Dusty in Cambodia

When you close your eyes, imagine what Cambodia is like. It is both what you imagined and not. Add in more paved roads. Subtract the genocide. The Cambodians rest during the middle of the day when it can get rather… Continue Reading →

Why Traveling is Better Than Vacationing

Vacation is synonymous with recreating. Travel is synonymous with journeying. A journey means movement, both around the globe and into the far reaches of your soul by reflecting on your personality, place in the world and perspective into what is… Continue Reading →

Learning to Like Vietnam

At first, I disliked Vietnam. It all started when I got overcharged for the bus by 50,000 dong ($2.20 USD) and followed by being overcharged for food. To eat, bargaining down the price is acceptable, but I get tired of… Continue Reading →

Jumping Higher

The traffic of Houghton, Michigan faded away as I puttered north feeling the curves of the road, pressing the gas pedal somewhat aggressively to make it before sunset. As I kept driving north, to Copper Harbor, in the Upper Peninsula… Continue Reading →

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