You bike up to your favorite Milwaukee business, swinging your leg over your bike frame to dismount, you realize there is not a place to park your bike.

There’s a pole over there, but it’s too big for your U-lock.

There’s a bike rack, but it’s on the other side of the busy street.

Parking to a parking meter…not an ideal scenario.

Bike parking makes it convienent for cyclists to visit businesses in the Milwaukee area. I know I have been frustrated with the lack of bike parking, especially in Walker’s Point, Brady Street, Bayview, downtown Wauwatosa (“the village”) and at Bayshore Mall. I have never parked my bike in a bike rack when I attended a Bucks, Brewers, Admirals or Wave game.

Saris can help. Enter to win $800 worth of bike parking for your local business, or encourage a business you love to enter. The deadline to enter is May 14, 2017.